How to create the perfect smokey eye makeup look (kylie 3D lashes)

A lot goes into getting ready for a glamorous night out on the town. You must make sure your outfit is perfect — stylish and flashy, yet well fitted and comfortable. You spend copious amounts of time on your hair, brushing, curling and flattening into the right “just rolled out of bed like this” up do. You even spend a good half hour debating what shoes, earring and bracelets to wear and which bag to bring.

That said, you can have the perfect outfit, hair and accessories, and if your makeup is subpar it can ruin the whole thing. Why? Because our faces are what people see first. Therefore, it is the most important place to spend your time when it comes to getting ready, and what is really going to take your look to the show stopping next level.


Luxilash kylie 3d lashes smokey eye makeup look

Take this video of a girl getting ready for what looks like an epic New Years Eve bash. She has clearly already applied a fabulous foundation, where you can just see the tips of her countered cheeks peak out from the bottom of the camera screen. She then proceeds to apply a pretty shimmering golden eyeshadow to her lids as a base, followed by a darker golden brown, helping to give her that smokey eye makeup look, and finishes it off with a bright gold shadow cover, sealing everything into place with a sprits of a eye shadow sealant and another sprits of golden sparkles.

Next she begins to apply her eyeliner, opting for the ever popular winged look. Then she adds a little mascara. At this point most might see her and think she’s done. She is pretty, her makeup flows seamlessly — surely she is ready?


Luxilash kylie 3d lashes smokey eye makeup look


But no! The girl in this video takes it a step further and opts to apply Luxilash Kylie 3D mink Lashes as well to finish off her look. Holding up the box so viewers can see exactly how stunning these 3D lashes are before they are even applied, the girl then proceeds to carefully apply the Kylie lashes atop her own. 

The result? Absolutely, jaw dropping and stunning! What was simply pretty has now been transformed into undeniable beauty. Working to make her eyes appear as if they are significantly larger, these 3d strip lashes really make her eyes pop. Additionally, these Luxury lashes deepen the color of her eyes, lending their hands to helping enhance that smokey eye she applied so carefully just a few moments before. Not to mention they actually look natural! Basically there is no way anyone who sees her at this point isn’t going to do a double take.

Clearly makeup can take a look to a whole new level of glamour and beauty. What’s more though, is it can really help to give you that extra confidence you need to go out and have the best time you possibly can, be yourself and embrace all life has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? Put on some makeup — don’t forget your lashes — and get out there to seize the day!




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