Top 5 Beauty Essentials That Will Make Heads Turn

Top 5 Beauty Essentials That Will Make Heads Turn


We all want to look our best as often as we can. It can be a huge confidence booster to walk through a restaurant or even just the office building and watch heads turn as you walk by because you look so good.


But getting to this point can take a lot of preparation and work. Picking out the outfit that fits just right, accessorizing and making sure your hair is done up (or down) just right, perfecting your makeup — it’s all quite the process.


Thankfully there are some go to secrets — beauty essentials if you will — you can rely on to ensure you will turn heads every time you walk into a room. And the best part? They are pretty basic and easy to do!


 Use Moisturizer on Your Skin Every Day


Moisturizer is incredibly important for all parts of your skin, including your face, neck, arms, hands and legs! It not only is going to help rehydrate you dry skin, it will make it look softer and more elastic, thus making you look and feel younger. Plus it will give you a really nice glow that people wont be able to ignore.


Apply Foundation After You’ve Moisturized Your Face


Foundation will do wonders for your complexion. It will even out your skin tone and help you to cover any discoloration or blemishes you don’t want people to see. Not to mention it can actually have anti-aging benefits and pollutant protectors (depending on the type you purchase). Just make sure you get the foundation that matches your skin tone. If you get a foundation that is too light or too dark for your natural skin tone it will stand out and make you look unnatural.


Use a Makeup Compact


Generally used as a super mattifying agent, a makeup compact is going to take the shine out of your face that generally makes you look oily or greasy, while still leaving the glow you love. Plus, it won't settle into wrinkles or fine lines, which means it will help to make you look and feel younger.


Don’t Underestimate Eyeliner


There are all different kinds of eyeliners available, from liquid to pensile, jet black to light browns, blues, greens and even whites, and you should feel free to experiment with all of them! That said, wearing eyeliner in general is really going to help bring out all the natural beauty your eyes have to offer. Often making your eyes appear larger, eyeliner can really help to make you stand out.


Don’t Forget Your Eyelashes


To complete any look, thick, luminous, eyelashes are a must. Unfortunately, many of us aren’t naturally born with these types of lashes ourselves though. That’s where false lashes come in. Fairly easy to apply and long lasting if you opt for a higher quality pair, false lashes will really help to complete your look and make your eyes pop. And if you really want to get the best false lashes possible, get yourself a pair of luxilash lashes. Made from mink, luxilashes will not only make your lashes appear fuller and darker, they will look totally natural and soft as well. That’s a win-win in a world where the appearance of natural beauty is deeply desired.


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