Luxilash Grace, 3D Mink Eyelash Extensions

LUXILASH GRACE - Amazing 3D Mink Lashes


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LUXILASH GRACE A natural beauty, GRACE is your easy wearing, lengthening 3D lash. These lashes are thicker at the roots and lighter at the tips giving you a natural look with its criss-cross pattern. A popular choice for mink lash virgins, it's sweet and subtly draws attention to your eye with it's brightening effect. 

  • LUXILASH GRACE - professional super soft real mink lashes give your eyes a beautiful natural lift, for an unbelievably elegant and glamorous finish to your daytime or evening look.
  • LONG LASTING 25 DAYS - amazing quality light wearing and reusable keeping the same shape and form for up to 25 applications when handled with care.
  • DOUBLE LAYERED - new style super volume 3D multi length C Curl hairs, soft cotton band and free from chemical dyes and processes.
  • CRUELTY FREE - hand-crafted from naturally shed Siberian mink hairs and sterilised to guarantee complete safety for wear. .
  • BEAUTY ESSENTIAL - mink lashes prime make-up bag must have, perfect party and wedding lashes.
Approximate lash measurements 
Inner Corner: 5 mm
Middle: 10 mm
Outer Corner: 5 mm