Luxilash Chanel, 3D Lashes, Mink Eye Lash Extensions.

LUXILASH CHANEL Amazing 3D Mink Lashes


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Your problems are solved with these beautiful casual lashes from the CHANEL edition, fitting for your day and evening wear. These mink lashes contain thin and thick strips of varying lengths which blend in effortlessly with your natural lashes maintaining that balance between organic and glam. This results in a lash which will shine through in any occasion.

  • LUXILASH CHANEL - professional super soft real mink lashes give your eyes a beautiful natural lift, for an unbelievably elegant and glamorous finish to your daytime or evening look.
  • LONG LASTING 25 DAYS - Amazing quality, light wearing and reusable keeping the same shape and form for up to 25 applications when handled with care.
  • DOUBLE LAYERED - New style super volume 3D multi length C Curl hairs, soft cotton band and free from chemical dyes and processes.
  • CRUELTY FREE - Hand-crafted from naturally shed Siberian mink hairs and sterilised to guarantee complete safety for wear. .
  • BEAUTY ESSENTIAL - Mink lashes prime make-up bag must have, perfect party and wedding lashes.
 Approximate lash measurements
Inner Corner: 6 mm
Middle: 13 mm
Outer Corner: 6 mm